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On this pages I'm trying to put all information available that I have on the Wallon family Bonnevier or Boniver or Bombier or Bonhiver, the name is spelled in many different ways. This site is in no way perfect but when it comes to this familys genealogy you will probably be directed to me for information. I have been "choosen" by Sällskapet vallonättlingar (The society of wallondescendants) , as the person who will have access to, take care of and answer questions about this wallonfamily. The time is my worst enemy. It's difficult to achieve everything you want to do. From the beginning this site was a way to achieve contact with other wallonresearchers, preferably those who had Bonnevier within their research.
Nowadays it's a part of my large project. I collect ALL descendants to the first Bonnevier immigrants. An impossible mission it seems. The fun is that my database which I build with my own research together with placing together yours, weighing the information from you, has now become that good that I very often have a hit on a specifik Bonnevier related person in the 19'th century, when asked. Still theres more researching to do, fixing errors etc. before the future may hold it possible to do a printed publication or maybe a CD-rom edition. The time is changing but the database with the descendants to the wallons Bonnevier is growing all the time.

Please visit my new genealogy site OvesSläktforskningOnline to trace and download chunks of your branch in gedcom format on the Bonnevier family three. All of the descendants after the first Bonnevier's settled in Sweden is there. As long as I have gathered offcourse.


Arabq_th.gif (3386 bytes)ow my interest was awakened

My interrest was awakened of a somewhat distant relative. My grandmothers cousin Karl Gustav Bergholm. He has had som contact with my grandmothers brother Arne Bolin. In about 1980 Bergholm visited Liége in Belgium together with participants of Sällskapet vallonättlingar (The society of wallondescendants). From there he got, together with the material that was accessible at that time, a picture of the Bonnevier family. He have had some help from archivist B.J de Wearn (Stockholm) in certain questions, but got an investigation completed in the end which was copied to the nearest. My grandmother got one, but wasn't of any interrest. Me myself got a copy from my father who became "fire and flame" about the stuff. I was moderately interrested at that time. We allready new that we where descendents from the wallons. My fathers grandfather Sigurd Bolin, had told us about his grandmother where he often stayed or visited as child. She where
" darkblack in the skin" in the look and told him that the family came from Belgium as smiths one time long ago. That was
Britta Marie Charlotta Bonnevier f. 1836 d. 1902. The last one in my track which have the name Bonnevier intact.
Because Sigurd "Sigge" Bolin had inheritance from his ancestors in the meaning of geting old, he became 95 years himself, I myself had the opportunity to meet him as child. Mostly I was a bit afraid of him because he slurred (I thought) and was so old and toothless (oh well ! I knew he had one toth of his own).


Because Bergholm used some old sources and wasn't in the possession of much own researching in the originalsources ( oh well !, an old uncles researching was there as a backround ) I was curious about if all the data was OK. In particular a man, Gillius, whos age would have been 102 år, I wanted to check it up. I saw that much of the material came from Karl Kilboms researching in the 50:s. My own researching together with reading of Kjell Lindblom's "Vallonsläkter under 1600-talet" (Wallonfamily's in the 17th century) Made it necessary with some revise. It didn't correspond quite well when I was to put together different researchers material with my own ones. I have in my own research found a daughter to the 102 years of age Gillius, which no other researcher before has had in his material. Yet I found her in the churchbooks !

To cut the story short I want to tell you about all the details with my contacts to put together, fix faults etc. Above all faults from the Bonneviers ättartavlor (Kihlbom). It's now commonly accepted that most of the faults that came from Kilboms book has followed us trough the years. The tip I can give you is to research for your own and then take som samples from other researchers work in the originals, often the churchbooks, but beware to take some samples yourself. In Bonnevier's case it seems that a hole genealogy cader during 3 decades have trusted one mans work ! Still, some of my material, in preference to later descendants, are from this source whenever I dont have information from other places.

heux and Hamoir


There are different opinions about who built the castle of Hamoir situated in Hamoir. According to Karl Kilbom and the book"Vallonerna" (The wallons) Stockholm 1958 (in Swedish), should some Jean Boniver, tradesman in the town of Theux, have done the building. Because no one found the castle in that town has one sometime beleived that there wasn't anything left of the place in our days. In the very same book is a photo and the text says that the evidence of truth is that is placed in Theux. Latest news from my related K-G Bergholm is that historian, who Bergholm's cousin's son i the Netherlands been in contact with, says has localised the building in the town of Hamoir not far from there. They have also a photo on the castle that is a copy of the picture in Kilboms book.The castle is nowadays town hall and city hall (hotel in the next paragraph).

Something that confirms this even more is information I've got from Jan Palmqvist who visited both Theux och Hamoir at summer 1998. he even talked to the (Monsieur Werner), which denied the statement of Bonnevier as the castle coming into being. according to him it was deGeer who built it. Nowadays the house is a Hotel in the management of the municipality.

Slottet Hamoir "Vieux-Forneau"
The castle Hamoir "Vieux-Forneau"

I got a copy from Jan Palmqvist about an article with an historical survey about the castle of Hamoir. (in Frensch) Here it says how the castle was borned and how it's used to today.

"L'usine", The older building besides Hamoir in the town Hamoir.



About the church in Theux, it is often visited of the Bonnevierdescendents from Sweden because the Heraldic weapon is painted in the ceiling inside the church.

The church in the town of Theux.




I have a collection of printed related litterature in Swedish. Please let me know and I'll send you the list.

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Send me a letter if you want to join the Bonnevier maillist. I'll send mail whenever I have done a new compile of material or some other related info. If you don't want to be on the list, let me know.
At last, keep an eye here if your interrested in the Bonnevierfamily within the wallon-vein.

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