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It's great fun to build your own audio gear. You get a chance to exchange opinions and practical sollutions to different tasks. It's also a way to maybe contribute to one of the best electronics forums out there. Or to at least refer to when you want to discuss something about the things you struggle with.

Then it's also a good way to document what you are building. It sets some press on you to finish what you started.

I have also had some really good conversation and tradings around the world with people from very different countrys. Such as China, Australia, US, Canada, South Africa, Taiwan Singapore, Honkong to mention a few.

I will continue to update this page so that I have all my ongoing projects gathered for your eyes to criticize and comment. I have alot of interrest but no DIY Audio page until now. About time, with all my comments in different threads this year. :-)

Radioman62 alias Ove Tegnér, october 20 2008.

Take care, enjoy, and plese give me comments. And also tell me of your own works and projects.


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